Diving Rainbow Reef (Fiji)

GOPR0514 (2)



When we arrived in Fiji I told Carol that whatever we did, I would be sad if we left Fiji without seeing a bunch of soft coral. Well, that wish has been fulfilled.


outside cabbage patch (2)We did 5 dives on Rainbow Reef: Cabbage Patch, Purple Wall, White Wall, Fish Factory and Outside of Fish Factory. We did all of our dives with Jack of Viani Bay and with the support of our awesome dive buddies on SV Silver Ruffian.


We took more video than photos and we didn’t have the best sunlight during our week in Viani so the photos aren’t all the best. Still, I’ve ended up with enough that I must include in this post, for our future viewing pleasure, that I’m going to use an album for the first time. At some point I will finish processing the video and make a movie to upload.