Logbook: Robinson Crusoe and Castaway Island


Double logbook because we spent very little time at either of these places. We anchored off Likuri Island (Robinson Crusoe Resort) for two nights/one actual day and we spent a lunch hour poaching the mooring off Castaway Island on our way to our next stop (Navadra).

We went to Robinson Crusoe to check out a kite spot (looked reasonable but not inspiring to us) and because we had heard fun things GOPR0283 (2)about the resort. The resort is still friendly and still has shows but there has been a change of owners and the kite school and dive operation are no longer in residence. We arrived just in time to catch the last bit of the daily show (fun) and walked around the entire island. Ultimately we decided to continue on the next day. The anchorage was P1060566a treat – 15 feet of good sand – after the deep anchoring (55+ ft) at Musket Cove. The pass was calm in the conditions we chose and satellite imagery showed it clearly.

Castaway looked absolutely lovely. If we hadn’t had stronger wind and bigger swell on its way we might have tried hard to work out a way to stay overnight. As it was we had some brie, sausage and crackers and shouted “WILSON”.


  1. Great new web site. Congratulations

  2. Hello

    We have been watching your videos and reading your blog. Very inspiring and informative. We are to leave in few years. SV Brave Companion jumie & Kay from Redwood City, CA

    1. Thanks guys and we are *very* excited for you. Have a date yet?