Logbook: Blue Lagoon


P1060628The pictures in this blog post are from our lovely walk across Nanuya Island from the anchorage to the other side which has a village of sorts. Not many people live there anymore and the one resort structure we saw (which has Lo’s tea shop at the end) was shuttered. Some nice women in the village pointed us toward Lo’s which had been open earlier in the day but was closed when we arrived. It was a fun hike, through varied scenery with some good views of one of the passes into the lagoon.

P1060626After that, we don’t know what to say. It’s quite pretty there. With certain winds you can certainly kite. It’s named after the movie that was filmed there but it isn’t particularly blue and…well, we didn’t find whatever it is that grabs us or excites us. The resort was under very loud construction and had kicked out friends of ours the night before so although we enjoyed a round of beers there with a group of fun people, we weren’t motivated to become happy hour regulars. So, we moved on after two nights.

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