Logbook: Musket Cove on Malolo Island (Fiji)


P1060444I am pleasantly surprised at how much we have enjoyed our two weeks at Musket Cove. We thought it would be pool-and-bar-resort, cruiser-summer-camp living – which we quite enjoy but usually not for more than a week. Musket Cove did not disappoint on that factor. The bar is fun, the cruiser gang is lively, having a cocktail at a resort pool is always fun, and all of the facilities were free or inexpensive after joining the Musket Cove Yacht Club ($15FJD for the two of us).

But what kept us here (besides boat chores) was the water sports and the much higher than average concentration of water sport junkies on cruising boats. It seems like every other boat in the anchorage this early in the season has a surfer aboard and we have had a small kite gang going most windy days. The surf breaks in the area are world renown and the sand bar is a fun kite spot. The “stoked” vibe among the water sports junkies is contagious and *gasp* there was even one other female kiter in the anchorage…and she rocked.

11259478_10153249656851772_3882370747196610116_nWith all of the out of the tropics travel we’ve done, we had our first five days of kiting in 2015 all at Musket Cove. On one windless day we checked out the surf (awesome) and snorkel (ok) at Namotu and on another windless day we snorkeled at Honeymoon Island (North side was lovely – more on that later).

We anchored outside of the mooring field which was a little deep (nearly 60’ at high tide) but in good holding. Apparently the spot gets crazy busy in high season and it has already changed in the two weeks we’ve been here with boats arriving from NZ and boats going in the water from Vuda Point.

We’re heading now into “town” for some errands and supplies and who knows where to next.

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