Logbook: Mociu (Honeymoon Rock)

Technically this isn’t a logbook entry because we spent the day here with The Gong Show (our dinghy). On a flat windless day we sped the 4.5 miles around the side of Malalo Island to a place with a reportedly gorgeous beach and nice snorkeling – Mociu or Honeymoon Rock (S17°43'07.74" E177°08'54.03").

The beach was one of those perfect beaches. Often tourist boats come here and we were lucky enough to only see a few with small groups of snorkelers and we had the beach to ourselves. Great sand, great color water in all directions in the shallows, and we had perfect weather for it.

We started snorkeling off the beach and quickly decided that we must not be in the right spot. We saw a tourist boat go to the North side of the island with snorkelers and so we followed. Lovely live coral, nice array of fish. It was a good day in the water. Maybe not spectacular after all we’ve seen, but I’ll take that day any time.

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  1. Looks absolutely stunning. Can't wait to go there. We arrived in Savusavu a few days back and will be setting out to do some cruising after we get organized. May not make it down to Malalo for a few months (sailing the Lau Group first) but look forward to running into you somewhere in Fiji.



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