Logbook: Fonua Fo’ou (Vava’u, Tonga)


GOPR6399Outside of the main archipelago are a number of islets with anchorages for “settled weather”. We visited Fonua Fo’ou on one of those days. In total we were there for maybe 6 hours but it is one of those picture perfect stops that made a lasting memory.

We were anchored off a small motu with a reef on the windward side protecting us somewhat from the swell. In front of us what that swimming pool amazing water, amazingly clear because it is ocean water, white sand around palm trees and better coral than we’ve found in most of Vava’u. Because we chose to go in settled weather, it was flat and calm and we could hear the tropical birds on the motu and the sound of the waves on the reef.

We almost spent the night and probably could of given the conditions but with a slight roll and having spent our time there swimming and lazing about we moved on in the late afternoon.