An Outside Perspective

One thing we love about Vava’u is that you are often sailing in the company of other boats. We love seeing other sails poking in and out between islands, and the general camaraderie (and light competition) of other boats out sailing at the same time. We have also been able to kite with a few people and so we’ve had company in two sports where we really enjoy having it.

A side benefit is that we’ve been passed USB sticks from a number of people with pictures of us on the water. I’ve included the boat type and websites of the people who took the photos when I know them.

Courtesy of Ben from Mandala Resort, Fetoko Island:

estrellita 3

Courtesy of Craig on SV Luckness, a Pacific Seacraft 37 – Estrellita sailing in Vava’u:


Courtesy of Liz on SV Cerulean, an Atlantic 57 – Carol kiting at Kenutu:


Courtesy of Leslie on SV True Blue, an Oyster 66 – Livia kiting at Mounu:


Courtesy of Steve on SV True Blue, an Oyster 66 – Estrellita at Ovalau and Carol and Livia at Mounu:


Courtesy of James on SV True Blue, an Oyster 66 – Carol posing and Livia kiting at Kenutu:



  1. You guys really make me want to learn to kite-surf!! Or figure out how to Photoshop a super cool "getting air" picture like the one above :)

    Great shots!