Liquid Motivation: The Blog Machine

P1030575The super attentive or supremely bored might have noticed that we haven’t mentioned our use of our Google Ad money in a while. This is because, when our main computer died, we decided to save our Ad pennies up for a new workhorse laptop. We had several hand-me-down netbooks from family and those sufficed for navigation, airmail and weather, email and photo/blog posting. However, I was unable to edit video which is why we have taken such a long hiatus from posting any until recently.

We have a new computer (woohoo!) – with enough memory and processing power to make videos lickety split and a large screen for use as our in boat “television”. With a DC-DC voltage converter in hand and freeware in hand we are back in business.

Thank you all again for putting up with the ads on the blog, and for occasionally visiting the vendors. The rewards are real for us and I hope by putting them toward a new computer with which I can continue making silly movies, the rewards will be real for you as well.

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