Tahitian “Black” Pearls


P1030052Would you believe that we were in French Polynesia for almost two years before we visited a pearl farm? I’m not exactly sure how that happened. I’m glad we waited though because the way that we visited this particular farm was perfect. We were on the beach, and we get to talking to this guy named Eric and it turns out he owns a pearl farm around the corner. The next day we visit while they are cleaning the gunk of strings of pearls. The next time we are in the anchorage near the farm (i.e., Totegegie) he is harvesting and grafting pearls. This is when you take the pearl out and insert a ball inside the pearl for the next pearl. I took a bunch of video of both processes and plan to make a short film of it later.

I put the word black in quotes in the title because the range of colors is amazing. Black is the commercial ideal but aesthetically I prefer the blue-green, the rose, the champagne – rich fantastic colors. We also tasted the oysters – delicious! (but please don’t harvest any on your own – wild or farmed – the farms rely on the wild oysters for new stock)

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