Liquid Motivation: Goodbye Party

P1030011When we had our goodbye party with our friends on Taravai, thanks to Joshua J, we brought the beer.

Our hosts used some recently caught wahoo and made poisson cru (raw fish with freshly pressed coconut milk and lime), grilled fish and rice. The rest of us brought a side dish and Estrellita brought a couple of six packs of big boy Hinanos.

Tip: In French Polynesia, if you bring booze to a party and give it to the host at the beginning of the party, it is now their booze. They may offer it to other people, or not, as they see fit. If you give them beers, and they offer those beers to other people who arrive, they are NOT giving away YOUR beer. They are giving away the beer that you gave to them.

It’s really a doubly wonderful gift. Not only are you giving your host beer which they may not afford regularly on their own (it *is* expensive), but you are also giving them the opportunity to be rich enough in beer to offer beers to their guests. With your gift, they get the pleasure of receiving, of imbibing and also of giving to others.

Thank you, thank you Josh J – you made the party!

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