Liquid Motivation: The Last Round

P1010834Two handfuls of frosty deliciousness. One more 3B!

Thank you, thank you John G for the last of the microbrew-esque beers that we enjoyed before leaving Tahiti.

We knew that the next time that we would experience full flavor beer was likely to be in 6 months later, in late May when we slide through Tahiti again (with family guests!) and so we savored these.

We have been recently overwhelmed by the awesomeness of our readers who have been heavily subsidizing our cold frosty ones and are working hard on our catch up thank yous. Thank you!


  1. Hi guys... just a quick side question: Reading your post has got me VERY curious about kite surfing... so my question is easy! How difficult is it to kite surf? Did you take any lessons? Was it difficult?

    We're not cruising yet, but each day brings us closer. I am seriously looking to get into this because it looks TOTALLY fun, relatively easy,and well, TOTALLY FUN!!

    1. Well, for Carol it was really easy and for Livia it was really hard to learn kiting :)

      We did take lessons and we recommend them - whether formal or informal. It's a safety important sport and so you need to get a safety overview from a reliable source.

      For Livia - hard:

      Getting easier:;

      In love with it:

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    1. Seriously? If you are spamming other people's blogger posts then I am guaranteed to never visit Halifax Kitesurfing or recommend them to friends or readers. Bad advertising strategy.