Balloon Animal Smiles

P1020799I’m not sure why I decided this would be a good idea, but on our last trip to the USofA I picked up some balloon animal balloons, and went to the internet to learn a few starters. P1020827I inflate the balloons with a small hand pump with a basketball needle we already had onboard which is easy to tuck in a backpack. A larger tip than the basketball needle would be better but the pump has to have good pressure.

I can only make a few basic shapes: dog, giraffe (a long necked dog), a sword, a flower, and a flower bracelet. Next I want to conquer hats of some sort.

I enjoy making them for smaller children, and I also really enjoy showing older children how to make them. It’s a good icebreaker for me and it is a nice way to give back to a family when you don’t want to make a big show of giving them a gift.

Now, if someone knows a type of balloon for balloon animals that is kind to the environment – please share. I would love to swap out.

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