We have friends, I swear

P1020486You might think, by reading this blog, that Carol and I spend most of our time by ourselves.

Our online written record is full of pictures of Carol and/or me, all by our lonesome, putzing around in one remote tropical location after another. While there are periods where we are alone for weeks on end, we are usually in the company of other cruisers and we are, in fact, fairly social.

The thing is, I never remember to take pictures when we are out with a group!

DSC_0523I have been making a concerted effort to correct this fact and so you will begin to see, in our logs, pictures of OTHER PEOPLE.

I swear, there are people who like us enough to hang out with us – in public even.

Stay tuned…

* Kite beach picture courtesy of SV Black Pearl – another boat willing to hang out with us!

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