Day 5: Landfall

There wasn't much of a day 5 because two hours after the end of the fourth day we were transiting the South pass into Fakarava Atoll, in glorious sunshine, with the lagoon waters glowing various colors of blue and the coral visible from the deck at 50 feet.

We dropped anchor West of the pass, just in time for the first of a series of squalls that have lasted several days now. Hoping for the forecast clear weather to arrive before Christmas and we are looking for the next weather window to head further East. This isn't the time of year (for us) to stick around in the Tuamotus for long.


  1. Having just completed the 5,340 mile passage from NZ to Hilo, HI we are well aware of what sailing up wind is all about as 85% of those miles had the wind forward of the beam. Congrats on making Fakarava and I hope a good weather window opens for you soon and allows you to move further east.

    Patrick, S/V Silhouette

    1. Thanks Patrick (from Mangareva) and congrats to you two as well!