French Polynesia Long Stay Visa (Part 2)

IMAG0202Background: I wrote about our initial application here and about the recent changes in the customs laws here.

Just over a month after our application we received notification that we had been approved. With an expected time of up to 3 months, this was unexpected but great. We changed our flights back to French Polynesia from late April to early March and made plans to head to the French Consulate in Vancouver with passports in hand for the visa to be entered. Our visit went smoothly without any surprises.

IMAG0190Upon arrival in French Polynesia we contacted the office in Papeete  that deals with long stay visas downtown and arranged to meet with the official a few days after our arrival. We brought our passports with visas and also a stamp from the post office worth 9000 CFP (about $100) which we initially thought we had to have per person but it turns out we could purchase “per family”. The official created two Carte de Sejour with the photos and the stamp and we were officially long stay visa holders!

On the back of the visa there is room for multiple stamps. We were told at the office that the visa is good for one year and can be extended for multiple years with additional 9000 CFP stamps and a visit to the office. She told us that there was also an office in the Marquesas that could perform our renewal.


  1. Hi guys, hope everything good with you, love your blog! Livia, I read somewhere (cruisers forum but can't find the post again) that you signed up with DAN insurance for french Polynesia and it was accepted. Was it the basic membership that covers you for 100k rapatriation or extra insurance with them? And what did you provide them in terms of paperwork to submit, just your card and your DAN membership number or more? Thanks a lot for the info!

    1. Hey guys! We had the extended because we wanted a small amount of non dive insurance as well but we supplied only a copy of the card and they never asked what the coverage was. I believe it was called the Preferred plan. Now we have the Guardian plan.



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