No Rest for the Wicked


P1000893 Tis the season in which the hundreds of vessels who are transiting from Mexico and Panama to New Zealand and Australia are currently in French Polynesia en masse.

We are taking full advantage of our time with old friends and new friends and our social calendar is at an all time high. I keep thinking we’ll get a chance to rest “when boat X leaves” but then we happily get a chance to see them again, or meet up with someone new, and away we go, back into full calendar mode. I love it and I will thoroughly miss speaking English when everyone leaves and it is just us and the Frenchies again.

P1000890It has been interesting to see the Pacific Puddle Jump from two perspectives. Last year we were part of the crowd and were struggling with where to end up for hurricane season, how to deal with so little time in new places and still keep our boat together. This year we are more settled and relaxed because we have so much time to see what we want to see. We see our friends dealing with the same struggles and we see them heading off to exciting places that we haven’t been to, and which we will set sail for next year.

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