Motu Nights


One of the downsides of the Tuamotus is the lack of actual sand in many atolls. That’s it. That is the only ugly secret we’ve been hiding ;) There are many brilliant white beaches which, for the most part, on closer inspection are bleached out bits of coral rubble and shells. Pretty to look at, nice to walk on, but not volley ball court material. So when we do find the occasional sand beach we take full advantage.



Regardless of the state of the shore, whether sand or coral rubble, when we are near uninhabited motus we spend multiple nights per week watching the sunset from shore and then cooking our dinner in a fire while sipping something tasty.


We have been lucky this season to be having our bonfire time with friends. We’re learning a lot about how to cook in tinfoil packets. Long baking foods are no longer frequently cooked aboard SV Estrellita because of the heat they create in the cabin and so we were happy to discover how easy roasted garlic was in a campfire and have rediscovered bonfire cooked “baked” potatoes.


The freedom we as cruisers have in this area of the world is amazing. So often we are in uninhabited areas of atolls (or we are if we want to be) and the motu becomes an extension of our home. We set up a play room on the beach, in this case to enjoy with friends. From others’ reports and from reading blogs I know that this kind of remoteness, in an area of such beauty, is something to cherish while it exists and while we are here.

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