Free the Gecko

Why didn’t the seagull want to fly over the bay?

Because then he would be a bagel.

I’m not exactly sure how that became Carol’s favorite joke. Somehow it did.

During our haul out our boat became infested with geckos. However, once we went back in the water we knew they would slowly starve to death so we worried for them. When Carol was in the dinghy, one of the geckos panicked and jumped from the dinghy into the ocean and earned the name “bagel”.


It follows naturally, of course, that when we later found a nearly albino gecko eagerly sucking down my rum and pineapple juice, we would name him “Plain Bagel”.

Plain Bagel was subsequently caught and released on the motu where he will hopefully find more bugs and fewer sundowners.

Also, TABU is the new(ish) beer also made by Brasserie de Tahiti, the makers of Hinano. Fun tiki with sunglasses motif as seen on this glass.