Plastic Reduction


We usually use the ad money generated from this site for something extravagant and/or unnecessary – fancy dinner, drinks out, booze for the boat. This time we decided to use the money for something that we would not normally budget but that would be good for our local environment.

It doesn’t take long for a sailor to become up close and personal with the impact of plastic. Plastic in the water, plastic on the beaches. It sucks, right? Hard to get away from plastic totally but we all do what we feel we can.

One thing that most people have reduced is their use of plastic bags. Fabric grocery bags are easy and practical on the boat, problem solved.

What is a new addition to our vessel, thanks to the google ad money, are purpose built mesh fruit/veggie bags. *love them* Here they are pictures above full of veg from Fakarava. Each bag is big enough to hold 4 cucumbers or a couple of bundles of leeks and is easily bleach/washable when it gets dirty.

Thank you!



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