Logbook: Rotoava, Fakarava


IMAG0194This is not our first stop at Rotoava. We were here briefly last year for supplies. It is one of the major villages in this area of the Tuamotus and so a good place to get whatever it is you need and the odds are good we’ll see this town again.

We timed our visit with the arrival of the Cobia, the interisland freighter that brings supplies and people throughout the Tuamotus. With its arrival came fresh fruit and vegetables and so in addition to the dried goods, gasoline, laundry, internet, post office, cell phone recharge, ATM* errands we were also able to load up on fresh goods.

Not much to say other than we find the village quite friendly. And also that we enjoy the ice cream at a tiny shop just South of the concrete quai or just North of the new wooden dinghy pont (dock). 150CFP for a double cornet.

*There is now an ATM at the post office. Big news for Tuamotus travelers!

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