Fish Slayers


P1000319It’s been way too long since we’ve had fishing photos on this blog.

Carol speared a fish with a simple pole spear last year but this year we have a borrowed spear gun aboard and he has become a fish slaying machine.

We only kill what we can eat (of course) and we have a wee freezer (remember the freezer in a dorm room fridge? not far off.) so we are careful about what we take. There is a type of fish poisoning in this area and so you have to check carefully with locals to find out island-by-island what is safe to eat. Sometimes one fish is safe on the North side of an island but bad on the South side and sometimes the locals make their own mistakes as previously safe fish becomes poisonous over time.

P1000357With that in mind, we’ve been happily hunting. And I say we, because I have recently joined the ranks of women who spear fish. Woohoo!!

Having had more free diving practice this year I was excited to try loading and shooting the spear gun and even more excited when my first shot garnered a perfect eating-sized marbled grouper just off of our boat. We cooked it immediately on the beach over a coconut husk fire and the thrill of the kill made it more delicious.

I’m interested in trying more hunting although only in areas where the sharks are less frisky. Our friends spear even in the sharky areas and I’m definitely not ready for that.




  1. Look at me checking in! Fun fish. I continue to fish the gentlewoman's way and let Mike and Carolyn bring it to me after it's been caught, cleaned and packaged. I'm OK maintaining distance between myself and what I eat.



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