Shedding layers: Cruiser chic

While still living in Canada, a few years before we headed South, we stopped buying winter clothes. We had enough that we could wear one set until items actually wore out and then discard them.

It was pretty cool and fairly novel to us to actually wear clothes until they disintegrated. People would see clothes that were ratty but still functioning and suggest we replace them. We enjoyed telling them that we wouldn't need a fleece when we were sailing in the S Pacific.

Despite this wear down, we still had more winter clothes than we needed aboard. So we took a set of partially worn out clothes with us to N America to wear for 3 months. By the end it was comical. My jacket had a shredded liner and a sleeve half ripped off, one more wash and Carol's jeans were going to dissolve and he had a shirt that was more holes than fabric.
As part of the grand finale I dressed in layers for our flights back to French Polynesia. I wish I had takwn more pictures but here I am fully layered for our early morning Seattle flight.

I immediately ditched the featherless down jacket, scarf and hat. At our connection in Honolulu, the socks and pants went. And at our arrival in Papeete the t-shirt was packed in favor of something looser.

It felt good to get rid of *something* because we had nearly 300 lbs of luggage we were bringing back to the boat.


  1. We would have been happy to donate some warm clothes to you - - we have lots we hopefully will not need :-)



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