Govino Glasses

OK, I am completely jealous.

Friends of ours just opened their set of Govino plastic glasses and I covet them. Not hard acrylic they have a rubbery feel, slightly squishable but not squishable enough to lose liquid and they have a thumb indentation so they are easier to hold.

Yes, I said thumb indent! How cool is that? They are hands down the coolest boat "glassware" I've ever seen.

Warning visitors: The next set of fly in guests may be required to grab some for us.

(No, we are not sponsored by Govino, but I wish we were!)


1 comment:

  1. Oh man. Just in time for my flyby trip back to the States. Thanks... I think! Although I confess, I am partial to drinking out of actual glass- we mostly use those heavy-bottomed cafe glasses, whether it's wine, margaritas or iced tea. But these, I think I have to try!

    I see Dubai yachts is spamming you too...