Wild West

We're running around taking full advantage of our time in this cold grey place Washington.

We've visited both the Scuttlebutt and Skookum breweries (Carol's hat in the left is from Skookum - replacing his two tattered caps on the boat). The Skookum brewery reminds me a lot of Bristol Brewery in Colorado Springs which was a favorite post-climbing spot of ours.

We also went to the hunting and fishing store, Cabellas, to drool over, and drop money on, fishing gear. Of course, while we were there we had to scope out all of the wildlife milling about. Also, we looked at the stuffed animals ;)

We've been checking off items on our list. We revisited one of our top 5 coffee shops in Seattle, Victrola, ate large burritos at Chipotle, watched some films at mega theaters.

One of the best parts about being here I have to say is taking a break from all of the harder parts of cruising.  This is going to be a good thing for us, energizing us to return. Right now we are not doing dishes by hand in a tiny sink, not carrying our laundry and our groceries on our back, and not sweating all day. I don't have to curl myself up into a strange position to reach whatever I dropped on the floor. Things don't break very often and when they do the solution is easier. I am cooking big messy things that are easier with a lot of counter space, and I play on the internet whenever I want without worrying about money or amps. I can call anyone I want and language isn't making my brain hurt. I can clear out our "to buy" list in a series of clicks.

When we go back we'll be over ready to be back and the colors of the water and sky will be more brilliant for having cleansed our palette with grey.


  1. "Cleansed our palette with grey" - I like that.

    My palette is spoof clean...

  2. Your post reminds me of a chapter in Windy Thoughts. In it, the author is also from Washington and they circumnavigated the globe. Her description of her visit back to Washington was very similar to your post.

    I suppose that is one of the ways I vindicate my decision to restrict my cruising grounds to the Puget Sound and Inside Passage - so that I can stay close to all the advantages of american civilization.

    Any plans to cruise closer to home in the future?

    Chris Troutner

  3. Hi Chris,

    We may choose to cruise for brief periods near civilization as a break from being remote. In fact I think a period of time in NZ or AUS is pretty much a given for us at some point in our Pacific adventure but no, we definitely are not planning to come back to BC/WA anytime soon. We lived aboard for 4 years here and it taught me that I am not interested in extended periods of boating in high latitudes. Maybe short periods in our future but we *love* warm clear water.

    I've enjoyed poking around on your site. MUSHROOMS!




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