Cruisers are Unintentional Preppers

One fun thing about being back in N America is having a crash pad with mega-recordable-TV. Kind of fun and kind of scary really. I found myself watching "River Monsters" recently -- proof that I have too much free time.

I had never heard of the prepper phenomenon before this trip although as soon as I started seeing images I realized that I had known quite a few preppers in my life. Washington State and Colorado are good places to find natural born preppers.

I am not particularly prone to worrying about stuff like that and although I have a soft spot for a good zombie flick, that is as far as my zombiephilia (or really, zombiephobia) goes.

Still I was imagining a survey intended to determine whether you were a prepper, much like a symptom survey for depression and I started to realize that, without trying to be, I was already prepped.

Cruisers, how many of the following apply to you? Do you have:
  1. More than a few months worth of dry goods?
  2. A way of sustaining yourself without access to public electricity for at least a few months? 
  3. The ability to isolate yourself from mobs and contamination?
  4. The ability to make your own water?
  5. Knowledge about living off the land and/or sea in your local environment?
  6. Long range communication not based on cellular towers or satellites?
  7. An extensive medical kit?

The only way I think most cruisers aren't unintentionally prepared for disaster is in the arms and ammunition department.

On a not-completely-related note, for a preview of a post-apocalyptic Carol, you might recognize the wild haired man in the top photo of this article about mast climbing.


  1. You're very right, Livia, although we lack both the guns and the food at this point. Being in the Eastern Carib it is too easy for us to find a place to shop. Also our boat isn't happy when we carry hundred of pounds of rice and canned goods. We have the other stuff covered though.


    PS: Like the wild hair!

  2. Have you ever read "Sailing the Farm"? It's definitely prepper material - what Rick calls the conspiracy theorist's guide to surviving the apocalypse... which includes a section on crossbows. (A prepper's dream, this book. It actually has a lot of good ideas.)

  3. Holy crap. Even used versions of that book are very expensive online. Interesting reviews on amazon.

  4. The PDF version of "Sailing the Farm" is available for free here:



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