Back in Western Washington

It has become trite to say, but still true, that it is bizarre to spend a day or two of airplane traveling and reverse the miles that it took us over a year to make in our sailboat. This time we went via Hawaii instead of Mexico but we are back in the Seattle/Vancouver region.

If you want to keep track of our movements more closely while we are here, "like" our facebook page for the boat.

We kept our eyes on the ball this first week and other than enjoying family we spent our time getting our application for a long stay visa in French Polynesia finished and submitted to the French Consulate in Vancouver. Done.

Now, we are turning our eyes to the rest of our to do list which involves making plans to see our friends, researching and buying all of the goodies we want to buy while we have access, and fitting in all of the civilization treats that we have been dreaming of.

Speaking of civilization, so far our return has been a bit anti-climactic in two ways. First, the things that we were dreaming of are without a doubt enjoyable, but a bit less exciting in person. Second, we haven't been away long enough for N America to feel particularly weird to us. We've noticed the physical differences of course, and it does seem like everyone is in an awful hurry, but we haven't been remote long enough for much of a shock on our return.

Stay tuned as I begin to process the video that we've taken over the last year and I finally have fast, free internet to upload it.

Back to make myself yet another latte with our new aerolatte.

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