For Sale: Kites and Guidebooks

We have crinkly, like new, most excellent condition 2012 kites in 3 sizes that we are selling at great prices. If you want to get into kiting, this would be a great way to get used gear from someone you can trust. Reason: We will be taking advantage of our visit back to N America to buy a new set of 2013 Blade Kites.

((SOLD)) We also will be bringing back our copies of two guidebooks: Charlie's Charts for the West Coast of the US (5 ed.) and our copy of the new, very well done guide for the Sea of Cortez. This is the set we used to move down from BC, through the US to Mexico. If you plan to visit the mainland of Mexico you will also want Shawn & Heather's other book.

For information and prices on either the kites or the guides, email us at

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  1. Oooh Rick can't see this! We don't have it in the budget but got a taste of kiting from our friends on Starship - (I just tried the small ramsail training kite - he got to use a 10 1/2 metre kite on the water for his second lesson, we get why you're into this! (Although I'm still at the terrified but curious stage)



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