Walking the reefs


One of our favorite things to do so far in the South Pacific is to walk the reefs in atolls and from these pictures I think you can see why.


We pack up a lunch and some handy supplies (hatchet for coconuts, lunch, spear, lots of water, ziplocs for any food we gather), and head out for walk that usually ends up taking most of the day.

 Bird Motu by pass in Mopelia

It’s not that we walk far; it is that the reefs suggest interesting things to do. We might catch a fish and make a beach fire to cook it, find a swimming hole, open some coconuts, or just poke through the stuff that has washed up on the windward side of the atoll.

GOPR2349 (1280x960) GOPR2350 (1280x960)   

The very healthy reefs have beautiful life even on the top of the reef on the ocean side.


I (heart) atolls.


  1. Wow, the fish-eye effect on the photos of you swimming in the atoll make it look like someone just plopped you in the middle of a globe. So awesome.

  2. Love the swimming photos. Looks like a great time.