More images from French Polynesia

I know, I know. I have done a lot of photo-only posts from French Polynesia…but if any place that we have visited so far deserves some photo time, it is here. Man oh man we love this place.

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Maupiti Husband after wet bikini hug Maupiti haul out facility  Kiting in Maupiti anchorage Maupiti lagoon

Kiting near pass. Blade 9m Trigger



  1. Hi,

    I've lurked here for a few month's and I have enjoyed with vicarious pleasure your accounts and experiences. As a Northeastern U.S. sailor I can only dream of someday following in your footsteps. As a professional photographer may I humbly suggest that you, as an old photo instructor suggested "get in there!" I would have loved to have a close up of the curtain in that window of the house on Maupiti or a hand gripping the handle of your kite, etc. Sometimes the detail suggests the general so much better. Happy sailing and keep up the great posts. Edward

    1. Thanks for that Edward. Will keep that in mind!