Sorry Anonymous Commenters

Since the beginning of this blog I have been committed to leaving open the anonymous commenting option. This allows people to comment easily without having any particular type account. I knew this would mean a lot of spam but Google does such a good job that those spam comments go straight to our spam folder instead of on our blog.

If the spam comments are not appearing on the blog, why did I recently disallow anonymous commenting? We get each and every comment delivered to our gmail account and I recently downloaded 80 spam comments in Tahiti. What a waste of bandwidth and while cruising remotely, we don’t have bandwidth to spare. Unfortunately although Google puts the comments in our spam box, they also still get emailed to us and I haven’t figured out how to stop that.

If you don’t have or want a google account and still want to comment, it is *very* easy to get an OpenID which you can use all over, on many different types of blogs including the two most common --  blogspot & wordpress.

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