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I appreciate your accounts of the day to day adventures of the more mundane aspects of cruising. One issue that I hope you will write about in the future is how you handle trash while cruising. Trash management during even a 3 week trip can be a challenge. What strategies have you developed to cope with the garbage you create?

So far trash management has been relatively easy. Almost every town or village we have visited in the Marquesas and Tuamotus had a communal trash bin we could use. We remove most packaging while we are in the provisioning town and have access to trash. All food scraps go in a compost jar in the kitchen with a lid and go overboard whenever we are sure they won’t make it to land or shallow water. That means we dump while in deep water or good outflowing currents in open bays. We keep a “sink” bucket for things we plan to sink in deep water (glass, cans) and for cardboard and paper we plan to tear up and drop in the water. That bucket goes overboard when we are outside of a bay in deep water, or here it goes overboard between islands/atolls.

You are wearing long sleeves... was it chilly or were you just escaping the sun?

Just escaping the sun. I have one actual sun shirt (REI) and several long sleeve cotton shirts I picked up at a second hand store and treated with wash-in sunscreen detergent. So far there hasn’t been a single instance where sleeves of any length were required for warmth since we arrived in the Marquesas.

Glad to hear the gendarmes were reasonable and professional. I would imagine that wine in French Polynesia would be relatively inexpensive if it subsidized by the French government.

Unfortunately wine isn’t subsidized. Lots of food seems to be but there are no booze subsidies. 1L of cheap box wine is about $13. One can of beer is about $3.

Love the shot of Carol, trying to stare down a rock sculpture...who blinked first? LOL

Carol *is* a rock sculpture ;)

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