Logbook: Taiohae

We are at a brief (paid) internet stop at Fakarava atoll and catching up on a few posts.


We stopped at two anchorages on Nuku Hiva: Taiohae and Hakatea.

Estrellita on Nuku HivaTaiohae is the main town and is where we dealt with resupplying and also with making our repairs to our furler bearing and our jib. We also had a chance to meet Pandion and to hang out with the crew of Southern Cross. The town itself is more spread out than Atuona which we slightly preferred.

The most fun we had while in Taiohae was a drive around the island with Southern Cross and their two crew members from the passage who needed to make an afternoon flight out of the island’s airport. Mark did a most excellent job of white knuckle driving.

Nuku Hiva - Sign to airportThe drive was filled with gorgeous views, previews of bays we could visit and a hairy bit of driving on a steep sided, sometimes washed out road with interesting signage.  We had a delicious lunch of goat at Yvonne’s while en route.

Nuku HivaNuku Hiva Nuku HivaClearing the road  The roadTaiohaeNuku HivaNuku HivaYvonne's restaurantNuku Hiva  Nuku Hiva

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  1. Good to see that carol hasn't made it to a barber yet either....although we have not had a day below 90 for a couple of weeks and this long hair is getting pretty warm.

    Love getting caught up on your adventures when we can....keep up the awesome posts

    Tom & Jeanne
    SV Eagle



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