Carol’s Marquesan tattoo

We went to Vaitahu specifically to get a tattoo for Carol. Fati (a.k.a. Felix) is a renown tattoo artist in the Marquesas who essentially is behind the renaissance of traditional tattooing on these islands. Apparently sometimes he will tattoo you right when you arrive, sometimes you wait a few days, sometimes he decides you are a pain and he sends you away. We didn’t know that and just showed up. Right in front of us, he sketched out a design and we loved it and Carol said “yes please” and it was done right there, right then. Cost was 15000CFP or about $175USD.

You might remember that Carol was tagged by a sting ray in Long Beach, California and he chose to get a manta ray on the leg that he was stung. We took some great video of that experience and someday when we have higher quality internet it is in the pile of videos I’ll upload. For now, here it is still fresh and healing:

P1040004 (1280x960)

Tomorrow there is a post about Puamau, an archeological site, and notice how this mouth looks like the mouth on the horizontal tiki.


  1. Great looking tattoo! Congrats! The real problem with tattoos, and no one tells you this before you start collecting them, is that once you get one you want more. They are definitely addictive!

  2. That is amazing!! I haven't congratulated you guys on landfall yet, I'm so happy to see these updates!

  3. That is an awesome tattoo! Love the details.

  4. OH Man that is sool cool!! I am very jealous. Perhaps i will get a rum bottle on my calf....although here in Mexico a tequila bottle might be more correct. We are playing catchup with e-mails after 7 weeks with no internet!!

    Tom & Jeanne
    SV Eagle



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