Why are we doing this again?

In my limited experience with endurance activities, there is always at least one point, usually several, in which I ask myself:

Why am I doing this again?
Is this supposed to be fun?
Can I find an honorable way to quit?

I am spared any exhausted thoughts regarding the last question because there is no way (honorable or otherwise) to quit this 20-something day endurance activity.

We've been tired but enjoying the passage so far, but a series of grey days and a second night in a row of confused seas large enough to toss us about in our bed and prevent sleep, have brought these questions to the forefront.

We knew there would be times during this passage when we didn't want to still be doing it. We knew it would be, in part, a mental game and we have been doing a good job of segmenting the trip into parts and celebrating as many milestones as we can manufacture. As people like to say, if it were that easy, everyone would do it and we know that the struggle is a big part of why the end result is so satisfying.

Right now though, all I want are some solid hours (linked together) of sleep.


  1. Hang in there guys. Tighten down that lee cloth and put your lifejacket under your mattress to make it into a u-shaped taco! Zzzzzzzz
    - Paris Fan

  2. Just like life, this trip will have it's ups and down. The reward of clear water and beauty is at the other side. Keep it up, and get stronger because of it.



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