Longest passage

Our longest passage to date was our Tofino to San Francisco run which took 6 days and 5 hours. Yesterday around sunset was 6 days and 5 hours into this passage, after which we officially crossed the line into our longest passage ever. We joked that we would also get to celebrate 2x our longest (12 days) and 3x (18 days) but hopefully not our 4x (24 days). We decided to recreate our SF arrival at the Sausalito YC and we took a special beer* given to us by Tom & Jeanne on Eagle to the foredeck and sat in the sun savoring it.

While on the Pacific Seafarer Net, another boat (Stardust) celebrated their circumnavigation which they completed over 21 years. We chatted off frequency with them and gave them our heartfelt congratulations. Someday?

The wind has come up and we are flying. The weather has been picture perfect every day since we left. We've had whales, dolphins, flying fish, and, of course, boobies. To top it off, today we caught our first fish of the passage - a small but big enough to keep dorado which we will eat tomorrow. And we are most of the way through a pan of tasty brownies. A very good day.

*No drinking underway rule bent.


  1. On our trip from Hawaii to Vancouver (on a friends Valiant 40 "Berkana"), we had a standing rule of no alcohol except the "one rum drink" every 500-mile marker -- unless conditions that day ruled this out.

    This gave us milestones to look forward to (the 1 rum was a "healthy" tot), and we only had to postpone it once due to weather.

    Continued fairwinds, David

  2. Sounds like a great place to bend a rule if we ever heard one!! I guess the next question...how was the beer? And even better yet....how was the fish? Did you catch it on the lure from Pixis? James would be very proud.

    Tom & Jeanne
    SV Eagle
    Heading north into the sea of Cortez

  3. WOW 21 years. That's amazing. I looked online but couldn't find a website for them..maybe their too busy;P.

    Tate and I also said no alcohol, but I like the suggestion above about every so many miles. Gives you something to look forward to.



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