Birthday in Mexico

Tequilas in La PazWe originally thought it would be fun to leave for the Pacific on my birthday because it is a Friday (violating superstition) but it was a bit too early for departure. On a side note, we had also really hoped for a Friday the 13th for either our Southbound departure or the Pacific departure but no dice yet.

Instead, I was able to celebrate my birthday in La Paz, surprise party style thanks to Carol, with SVs Eagle, Pyxis and Celestial and Marcelle. Note: All group shots courtesy of Tom on SV Eagle.

There were beers. More beers and Italian food. A serenade at the bar and to end things off, most excellent ice cream.

Serenade at TequilasIce cream at La Fuente

Everyone brought sweet gifts but I had to highlight the life preserver that I was given by Eva and James on Pyxis. Not only is it an actual Type IV flotation device, decorated with zebra print, it had a number of excellent abandon ship items sewn to and the lat/long of a number of important ports written on the side. Which abandon ship item is your favorite?

Birthday Flotation device

Birthday floatation device

Thank you everyone for making another birthday on the road a special day!


  1. Happy Birthday Livia, wonder where you will be for the next one. Those rainy days in the Bunsby Islands seem like a life time ago.
    From sunny Manila, Alison and Craig/SV Rosmond....we left Rosmond at home.

  2. Happy Birthday!! How fun to meet up with all our friends.

    Awesome life preserver. So creative.

  3. Happy Belated Birthday Livia! It looks like it was great. I think you've just "jumped" .. exciting! Be safe and enjoy!

  4. Is that crazy glue in there? That would be my favorite. Every time something tears or cracks around here I ask Dave if we can use the Crazy Glue.
    Happy Birthday Livia - safe travels!



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