2012 Carnaval in La Paz

Tail (Hunters)Better late than never, eh?

Carnaval in La Paz was a family friendly affair. A few nekkid butt cheeks aside, it was mostly a parade for the entire family, as evidenced by the large number of grandparents and children in evidence.

The floats were inventive. The mood was festive. And there were these fantastic blown out eggs with confetti that one could crack on one’s spouse’s head.

Confetti CarolWe had been warned not to stand on the street (*sigh*) during the parade but we still can’t figure out why. It was tame. Fun, but tame.

We went one night with SVs Pyxis and Calypso. On the night of the first parade we went with our “fancy camera” and took pictures and then on the night of the last parade we took Carol’s Mom with us and our smaller camera.

I took a lot of photos and I uploaded a few to this album. Enjoy!

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