Passage Prep: The body

Neither Carol or I get particularly seasick. Neither of us have had seasickness induced vomiting on the boat. Both of us feel queasy in certain conditions and both of us felt less queasy on our 6 day passage after the first few days had passed. Carol is a little more prone than I am and when we are offshore I’ve tended to do more of the “down below work” (navigation/radar/cooking) when he is feeling his worst.
Stupid things we’ve done – as in, we really do know better - that increased our seasickness dramatically:
  • Carol cut sushi down below when we caught a tuna off the Oregon coast
  • I made lasagna with spicy sausage and garlic for our first at sea meal
We have taken Mahina’s simple seasickness recommendations and our own knowledge of our bodies and are planning the following:

Starting 48 hours before departure:
  • no booze
  • minimal caffeine
  • minimal fatty foods
  • 1 gram of Vitamin C per day
  • A 1L bottle of water filled and consumed throughout the day (minimum)
  • As much sleep as possible
Intentions while underway:
  • Same water plan for each day
  • Vitamin C intermittently
  • Caffeine and fatty food as the stomach allows. We don’t drink underway anyways.
  • Multivitamins every other day (minimum) - kids gummy version initially while tender stomach, big adult version when not
We’ll report back, ad nauseum (yuck, yuck).

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