2012 La Paz Jumpers

There was an open meeting this week in La Paz for the crew of boats that were leaving for the S Pacific from the La Paz area rather than the mainland, Panama, or other parts. There were a surprising number of people although not everyone in attendance was planning to leave this year and a few boats that we know who are leaving this year weren't in town to attend. I asked the people who were leaving this year to stay for a photo that I would forward to Latitude 38 and here we are:

P1030629 (1280x960)

What do you notice about the group?

Putting faces to boat names was fun. I don’t know that everyone here is registered for the official PPJ group and we don’t know everyone’s name and boat name.

Thank you to SV Buena Vista for organizing!


  1. Livia isn't blonde anymore. There's a Pretorian leaving from La Cruz, by the way.

  2. Hi Victoria -

    I know! Steve from Desolina. We emailed earlier but met in California.


  3. Interesting to see the ages. Most of the east coast cruisers we've met have been older.

  4. the cruising budget doesnt allow Carol for an haircut!!!!

  5. Douglas - That is the first thing I noticed. There are a lot of "young" cruisers in the La Paz Jumper group...and I don't think that is representative of cruisers or of PPJ'ers. Just a this-years-La Paz-jumpers anomaly.

    Daybreak - Ha!

  6. The kids and pets are crossing (as are the nuts).

  7. so neat to see how many people are planning to cross. I recognize the SV Wondertime family as I read their blog also. How much fun it all looks.