Don't Panic

Dear Family, Friends, and Readers Worldwide,

We have an emergency plan and you* are not part of it.

If we drop off the face of the earth during our journey, stop blogging, stop emailing and stop updating our positions, don't panic. We do not want you to call anyone on our behalf.

 The people involved in our emergency plan know what their roles are and know when and in what conditions to start panicking.

 So just relax, sit back and enjoy the show.

The show: The Pacific Seafarers Net is the net we plan to be checking into (again, no panic if we don't). They follow boats in transit across the Pacific. The net is everyday at 0300UTC** warmup and the roll call starts at 0325UTC. You can listen online and they post a list of reporting vessels each day here. My call sign is the one we will use for check in (VA7LIV).

Sincerely, Team Giddyup

 PS - We know you are all reasonable people but we thought we should bring up the topic because we know of at least one boat that had a reader call the Coast Guard.

 *Unless you happen to be Livia's parents.
**To convert from UTC/GMT to US/Canada local times, check out this .pdf.


  1. Yeeee Haw!

    So important to remind people. Our radio died when we were a couple of weeks out of Mexico, but still days before our arrival in the Marquesas. Potential for high freakout by remote friends but calmer heads prevailed. :)

  2. Oh you must be getting excited - and smart post, for sure! When are you leaving?
    Eventually. Eventually we'll catch up... Cheers, the Nyon crew

  3. Behan - I remember that!
    Kyra & Rick - March sometime. So very excited.

  4. Good Luck guys, Good Winds !!!



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