Dry in December

It is December and the inside of our hull is dry.

There are at least three ways you get water inside of your boat. Salt water is the bad kind ;)

We get fresh water from rain coming down through the mast from holes at the top of it. Not much, not a big problem because it goes into the bilge and we pump the bilge dry regularly to keep the boat smelling less like...a boat.

The worst part of living aboard in British Columbia for me was the last kind of water - condensation. Our breath, our cooking, our dish washing, all created moisture which condensed against the cold fiberglass hull. This meant that the hull side of every locker was beaded with moisture which quickly became mildew and anything touching the hull joined in the mildew party. Many areas of our boat do not drain so we would also have the delight of little pools of stagnant water which had to be sponged out and bleached.

We were told that when we went South this would go away and joy, oh joy, our hull is dry. I am appreciating every day of this winter which does *not* involve scrubbing out a locker or locating a surprise batch of mildewy goods or throwing yet another possession away that was lost in the battle.

We're enjoying the islands around La Paz for a few weeks and so the next round of photoblogging catch-up will be a few weeks away.

From Isla San Francisco in a dry boat, wet only from swimming, Livia & Carol


  1. Not that you guys need it anymore, but a dehumidifier makes a *huge* difference for those of us "enjoying" the cold up here in the Pacific Northwest. We dump gallon after gallon of water down the head that the dehumidifier has taken out of the air.

    s/v Eolian

  2. Hey you two...you are very hard to catch up with!! LOL We are anchored here in La Paz, and hope you venture back this way at some point so we can meet. I am pretty sure there is a cold beer here with your name on it!

    Tom & Jeanne
    SV Eagle

  3. I prefer your solution (heading south) over Bob's (a dehumidifier. :)


    PS: Sorry Bob.



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