Snorkeling in Cabo San Lucas

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The pangas feed the fish to amuse tourists Carol dives down the side of the rock Our kayak anchor is down and lunch and beers are up Another ad for the WM kayak - can we get sponsored? Neptune's finger and Neptune is apparently pissed off Livia checks out the rocks for climbing potential


  1. Funnyyyyy I was about to ask that question! Do you have the version that converts from 1 to 2 seats?
    I guess it helps YOU if I order throgh Amazon?

    When I used my zodiac, I had a small 12V turbine. It was loud - I mean screaming! But it was fast. I think I got it in 1989 by Defender. It looks like

  2. We do have the convertible although we didn't buy the single seat zipper top so when we paddle as a single we leave it open.

    Trying to figure out how we are going to plug the 12V pump and run it up to the foredeck. Perhaps they have long cords?

    It helps us if you click through our link to order on Amazon - but not just generally if you order on Amazon.