Non-liquid motivation

With Amazon affiliate money, and money from kindle books (which I set up but never intended to advertise - whomever found them is a good spy!), we bought books for...drumroll...the South Pacific.

Are we going? Well, for planning reasons our normal approach of "we'll decide later" was becoming difficult. We decided to prepare as if we are jumping this March/April 2012 and if we change our minds, we change our minds.

At Downwind Marine in San Diego we bought the brand spanking new version of Charlie's Charts for French Polynesia. Using Totem's most excellent review of S Pacific guides, via Amazon, we added Sailingbird's Guide to the Kingdom of Tonga and  Exploring the Marquesas Islands.

Again, thank you to those who use our amazon affiliates to buy things, either by bookmarking the link or using the box on our website. Free guidebooks for cruisers!!


  1. Hi Estrellita,
    I happened across your blog today and noticed you're buying guidebooks for the South Pacific - very exciting!! We did the coconut milk run in 2010 and had a blast of course. Tonga was our favorite place (especially the Ha'apai and other middle groups south of the Vavau'u islands), which leads me to this comment - I wanted to be sure you knew that the "waypoints" in the Tonga guidebook you ordered are based on the charts, which are not accurate, not GPS coordinates. It states that in the book but in my opinion it's not very clear.
    Happy cruising and stay safe!
    Susan, s/v Bint al Khamseen

  2. Hey guys, so glad our list was helpful. and oy to B al K up there, we shared a beautiful anchorage in Tonga ironically enough! Really good clarification... the charts in Tonga are wacked. Inconsistently off by a big margin in you-guess-which direction.

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  4. Thank you very much Susan. We'll keep that in mind. I would love to email you to find out your favorite places (

  5. hi guys, I sent you a list of our fav places via
    It's supposed to get down to freezing tonight here in Seattle. :( We're wishing for lower latitudes. Enjoy!!



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