Bahia Tortugas

P1030081 (1280x960) Turtle Bay has no turtles. Did it ever? No idea. Seems likely.

We arrived with a few goals: have our 500 day party with Bella Star, grab some fresh produce, drink some cold cervezas, eat some tacos, and fill two jerry cans with diesel. With the exception of good tacos (apparently most eateries that were open for the Baja Haha closed shortly afterward), mission accomplished.

When I say “Honey, will you take out the trash and fill up the car?”, this is what happens:

IMG_6011 (1280x853)

P1030087 (960x1280) Getting a tow after a trip into town from Bella Star (left).

There was a tackle/bait shop so we bought some lures, several of which we promptly lost to (we think) marlin on our way out of town. We did catch our first dorado just South of Bahia Tortugas (photos to follow). Delicious ceviche material.

We met some of the cruisers, met some of the locals, and generally just relaxed and did small errands. It felt like we were cruising again instead of in transit. It’s a sleepy little town with not much going on which was just right for us. It was warm. The sun was shining.


  1. Warm.

    Sounds just about perfect to me up here...

    s/v Eolian

  2. Very envious!

    What type of kayak is that? It looks HUGE! We have been looking for one that would keep two of us along with the boys periodically.

    Wishing we were out there with you guys.

  3. Hi Bob!

    DJ - I'm having problems with links so I'll do a separate post on the kayak ASAP.