Playing Doctor

While kiteboarding at Long Beach, Carol decided to donate a piece of his toe to a sting ray.

This meant a ride in the back of the lifeguard truck down the, er, long, sandy beach, Baywatch style. A big kudos to the Long Beach lifeguards. They soaked his foot in hot water until the sting went away and then dropped us and our gear at the Alamitos Bay Yacht Club where Dr. Livia treated the gash.

Before - bloody with wine, after – saline wound wash, peroxide, iodine and pickle bandages.

Sting ray - ouch Sting ray - ouch

Sting rays are friendly creatures as long as you don’t step on them. Knowing they were around, Carol shuffled his feet as he went out into the water BUT once kiteboarding, in a moment of beginner confusion, his foot slipped off the board and POW, stung.


  1. I see I need to get you a better assortment of bandaids! Those make the toe look gangrene.

  2. It looks like to us that you have fine taste in Medicinal Wine, as that bottle looks like a Bogel Red!! I guess that is as good an excuse as any I have heard of to pop the cork on a nice bottle!!

  3. @Valerie - We could definitely use some more pirate band-aids (hint, hint)...or bacon.
    @Eagle - Bogle it is - good eye!

  4. ...and Bogle is one of our favorite anesthetics for sea creature encounters. Did you try any Adolfs Meat Tenderizer?...I understand that may soften the sting.

  5. Interesting - thanks. I hadn't heard of tenderizer.

    The lifeguard used plain hot water which worked. Other people kept telling me that we should add something to the water (while I was waiting with our gear on the beach) like vinegar or ammonia but if plain water have to ask, why get fancy?



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