500 days of cruising

Today is our 500th day of cruising. Thanks to Dana, our friend and reader who reminded us that this milestone was impending.

At 100 days to go until cruising, Carol and I were anchored out at Becher Bay near Victoria BC and we had a wine tasting party to celebrate. For our 500 days of cruising party, we decided to follow the same theme and have a cheap Mexican beer tasting party. We used google ad money and went quite crazy at the grocery stores in Ensenada trying to buy every single type of domestic beer we could find. We drew the line at the beer with clamato juice (ew!) in it or any light beers. Details (and reviews) to follow.

The circumstances are quite different from the 100 days to go, of course. We are now bobbing around in 21C blue-green water in the bright Mexican sunshine. Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes.

Thanks to our family and friends who have supported us and to the people whom we haven't met who email, comment, share and otherwise interact with us virtually.



  1. Congratulations!

    You've been a great inspiration and source of information to those of us yet to start cruising.