Rogue Brewery

More ad money came in just before leaving Tofino. Another big thank you to those who visit the ad links on the right of the home page or at the bottom of the emails if you view the blog that way. It's impressive how it adds up.

We saved our most recent ad revenue check for our time in California. Today we put your efforts to good use with a trip to the Rogue Brewery at Washington Square in San Francisco.

After a hot sunny day of sight seeing we sat down overlooking the park and had an IPA and a Hefeweizen - we switched half-way.  Super tasty.

More SF liquid motivation reports to come soon...

On a side note, a big thank you to whomever bought some Xerox cartridges through the Amazon link on the lower right of our home page. That added up to some real money on our end.


  1. Please go to Anchor Steam Brewery. Its along a cable car route if I remember correctly, my all time fav brew, one of the 1st micros. I've been tasting since 1974.
    The two photos above appear to reveal a demented person, is it true, are there demented persons on this blog. It sure looks it.

  2. A wee bit demented. Anchor Brewing's site says they are booked for tours until SEPTEMBER! I'll try calling Monday.



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