Letters to the void

Dear American Powerboat Raft-up,

I understand that you arrived at the Clipper Cove anchorage after dark which must have inhibited your ability to judge distances. Also, the fact that you and your party crew were (presumably) drunk might have had something to do with your poor depth perception. Your friend, the small powerboat was already anchored a little too close to us but in the dark you must not have realized that rafting your much longer boat to theirs with a second anchor might bring you even closer to us when the currents switched in this anchorage, as they do every night. We're still not completely certain why you went to sleep with your running lights on.

You must have felt very comfortable with your drop location to sleep through Carol's repeated attempts to wake you by shouting from our boat and then banging on your hull from our dinghy when our boats were within 30 feet of each other.

Once awakened, we are very glad you informed us that one of your engines doesn't work, that your boat is difficult to maneuver, that your two anchors would inhibit you from swinging even though we watched you do so for an hour, and that your crew is passed out, BUT that you have insurance.

That will surely make us sleep better at all tonight.

Sincerely, the wide-awake and sarcastic crew of SV Estrellita


  1. "Ah, the arrogance of some people." (quote from the animated movie Robot City, robot character Fender, voice of Robin Williams)

    I am always amazed at how seemingly intelligent folks lose their minds once they get out on the water.

    Hope you guys don't have to relocate, but it sounds like it might be a good idea.

  2. EEK! Sorry you had such a sleepless night. Maybe you can provide early morning music for them, something by Britney Spears should do nicely. Play it loudly and keep it on repeat...

  3. At least you can move your "house" when you have bad neighbors.

  4. That's why I have a bullhorn with several siren settings. :)

  5. Thankfully the Clipper Cove gong show only runs on the weekends and so they left the next day. It was almost worth the sleepless night watching them try to untangle their two anchors the next morning over coffee.

  6. oooh, sounds soooo familiar!
    Why is it always (OK, often) powerboats?

    Our two most recent experiences of similar sort? (i) Entering 3-fathom-cove in Tenedos Bay, we were informed by a guy coming out in a dinghy (from a powerboat within) that he was "holding" spots for 4 boats due to arrive later, but it was "OK if we went on the other side"... (we decided to leave as we had no wish to be near such an obnoxious raft-up in such a small cove); and (ii) in Clam Bay, I came out on deck and noticed a boat had just come in and anchored over (or just about over) our chain. Not a shock as current/wind had caused us to point in another direction, so it could be confusing. I rowed over to nicely tell him our rode went right in front of him and to ask him to move. He suddenly started swearing at me saying he'd only do so if there was a conflict in the night. Great idea, given the forecast was for 20-30 knots that eve. Nothing like boats hitting you in the night! I again asked him to move (there was still tons of other room in the anchorage) and when he swore even louder, I then suggested he might consider "going home" ASAP and then I returned to our boat, pulled up anchor (ours was 30 ft from his) and moved far away from him. The winds did indeed pick up and it would have been fun -- but we slept well.

    Sometimes it is best to simply stay/move away from the jerks. And get some sleep


  7. So good to meet you both! We are still here at anchor in Clipper Cove, and have decided that if said gong show returns and does same to us, we will, upon hearing him say "That's what insurance is for!" ask him (just in case) for his insurance company's name and then CALL them to inquire about which of their policies allow such behavior, and can we have one exactly like you gave (his boat name)?

    Then again, we might take off for the upcoming weekend. See you down the ocean road!



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