Southbound prep: NOAA weather regions

California dreamin…

noaa regions

We are looking into options for extended stays in one or more places in California (a few weeks to a month). If anyone has any insider knowledge, please send us an email.


  1. Port San Luis in CA would be a good place for a stop.

    David Dooley
    Bakersfield, CA

  2. Having talked to quite a few who have made the trip, I recommend stopping at Newport Oregon. Protected bay, close to the scenic town, hike the sand dunes, etc. Mind you the real reason one of the boats stopped is that they vastly underestimated the amount of beer needed by the 4 man crew. However, Newport is almost halfway to the Bay Area, nice entrance and good place to wait for a weather window on the persistent gale force winds off of Fort Bragg in August. Have fun, you are about 2 years ahead of us.

    Chuck and Jackie on Aria

  3. Thanks to you both. We'll look into Port San Luis and hopefully we'll be skipping past Newport direct to SF but we'll keep it in mind in case we need a stop.

  4. I would second the recommended stop at Newport Oregon. I lived there for 3 years. It is a great little town to stay for a few days and visit. The protected Yaquina Bay is beautiful. There are sandy beaches on the north side of town and just south of the bay as well. A favorite pass time is searching for Agates that wash up on the beaches. There are several nice restaurants and the Oregon Coast Aquarium is there (very nice). I recommend the Canyon Way Bookstore and Restaurant - good atmosphere and food. I am not sure how far up the Yaquina river you can travel but it has some very scenic views. Wish we were there with ya.

  5. Hi guys,

    When in SF, we highly recommend Aquatic Park - it's right off of Giardelli Square, so so close to town. You can stay for a week for free if you're not from SF. Just email the ranger before you arrive for permission. The address we used 2 years ago was - not sure if that's still viable, but worth a try. It's a pretty rolly anchorage, but worth it because you're so close to town.

    Also really loved Newport Beach (unexpectedly).

    Happy sailing!
    s/v Hello World

  6. Thanks Derek.

    Thanks Christie - we have your recs from Bella Star as well :) The email of the person we got the SF Aquatic form from this year was

    We haven't filled it out yet because we didn't have dates but we are hoping to stay there a week.

  7. Really enjoying your blog. We would be happy to host you at the Berkeley Yacht Club guest dock at no cost for a few days. Email me if interested.

    Greg Davids



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