Dolomite Narrows

Here we are at anchor at the Aquatic Park in San Francisco and I have better internet than at the docks in Tofino. Thus, I am finally able to upload some video.

This is mostly underwater footage from our kayak trip through Dolomite Narrows (a.k.a. Burnaby Narrows) in the Haida Gwaii. Most of the footage involved us paddling up current and then drifting over something cool with my hand plunged into the icy cold water with our underwater camera.

After SGaang Gwaii, Dolomite Narrows was my favorite part of the Gwaii Haanas Park.

It's a bit long, quite a bit amateurish, and Windows Movie Maker keeps making the size odd, but if you enjoy underwater life or have an interest in the Haida Gwaii, I think you will enjoy it.


  1. I never would have thought there was so much to see in the North Pacific!

  2. I cant believe my eyes. Unthinkable.

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